Grandma's Kitchen Serving Lowestoft & surrounding towns and villages. While you enjoy your days, let us prepare your daily meal(s)
Grandma's KitchenServing Lowestoft & surrounding towns and villages.While you enjoy your days,  let us prepare your daily meal(s)

Relax at home

Just choose your meal from our extensive menu and we will deliver to your door.






Plan your meals

A day, a week, or a month in advance, your choice, for your peace of mind, knowing that you will have one of our trusted assistants delivering your menu choice(s) on the days you have planned for.





Specialists in providing home cooked traditional food to the elderly, those who are housebound or those who are simply very busy persons or looking to entertain family or friends at home.


Delivered hot to your door and served on a plate!


To order please call us on 01502 537733    


Fast Foods

All served with chips/potato wedges, peas or beans



Daily Specials

   Something for everyone

Daily Specials Menu

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Jacket Potatoes

All Jacket Potatoes are served with side salads comprising of lettuce, tomato and cucumber


Alternative List

Choose from roast beef/pork, pasta's. pies,



We are located at:

Grandma's Kitchen

Pinbush Road
North East Suffolk Business Centre


NR33 7NQ

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


Tel: 01502 537733


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